Adopt a child as a single woman

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Asasinglewoman, adoptingachild on your own presents a lot of challenges. You'll face a lot of hurdles, but that doesn't mean it's impossible. More single parents are adoptingchildren than ever, but many adoption agencies still refuse to adopt to single parents – especially in the United States.

Single Motherhood By Choice – Adopting A Child Alone
Women have more freedom than ever to be single parents by choice. Two women tell Refinery29 what it's like adoptingachild on your own.

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According to the Children's Bureau, research has shown that childrenadopted by single parents fare just as well, if not better, than those placed in homes

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I'm asingle, 41 year old teacher, hoping to adoptachild - any gender, any race - domestic or international. I have not gotten much encouragement from the two local agencies I've contacted. I've heard that most countries are not very open to singles, and domestically singlewomen are not.

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In this day & age, it is much easier to adoptasasingle parent, than in past decades. You will go through the same process asa couple would, without judgements for being single. I will say that you might have a slightly easier time if you go the route of private adoption.

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SingleWomenAdoption and Single Men Adoption. So you're asingle man or woman and contemplating adoption? You may even be asking the

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Single men and women want to adoptachild for many of the same reasons that married people want to (wanting achild to love, wanting to give a

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But unlike married women, asinglewoman faces the arduous process and costs of adoption alone and with the reality that she may end up raising her child alone without a father or a partner. read more.