Am i big enough for magnum condoms

Magnum Condoms - Extra Large Sized Condoms For a Better Fit
Magnumcondoms are the best condoms to use for those who may need a little more room. Choose from a wide range of magnumcondom varieties. Made by Trojan, Magnumcondoms are one of America's favorite condom brands so purchase yours today.

Am I big Enough for Magnums - Forum
This reply is to CUSP 82; Your answer to the posted question, "AmIbigenoughforMagnum's" was too simple and really answers his question. But the real question is, Will I still be able to play the piano if I wear a Magnum?

Here's How Big His Junk Really Needs to be to Need a Magnum...
Small condoms are on average 1.75 inches wide and 6.3 inches long, and regular/average condoms are usually about the same length, with an occasionally varying width. That said, all of the men who want to claim they need a much larger condom (which can be risky because if the condom is too big.

Is a 7inch length / 6inch girth cock big enough for magnum condoms?
Iam the same size op, (nohomo). Magnums are better than regular condoms but not by much, I hate regular condoms because they cut off the circulation to my

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