Can being in love make you depressed

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Dont let someone makeyou feel bad about something you cant control because you cant control depression. Dont let anyone change you because youaredepressed. Youare worth love and you can find it regardless of the chemistry in your body.

Can love make you depressed
Can depressionmakeyou feel like you can't love? The main person you will have difficulty loving when depressedis yourself.

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Beinginlove, beingloved back, and having depressionis like beingin a relationship with three people: you, your significant

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Interestingly loveis one of the most powerful antidotes against depression. It is the cure your “disease” would makeyou run away from.

Can Depression/Anxiety make you think you don't love someone?
I cannot be without him. everything we've talked about. all the memories we made. He truly loved me to the core and I do too. but these thoughts are killing me.

Can I Find Love If I’m Depressed?
This is not to say that depressed people are not as “deserving” of love as anyone else in the world. But love isn’t based on being “deserving”.

6 Ways Depression Affects Your Love Life
Here are six ways depression affects your love life, because I know I’m not alone in this one at all. 1. It Can MakeYou Feel Like You’re Not Good Enough For Your

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When someone isdepressed, they tend to see the world—including you—through dark glasses. If you adopt your partner's view, you'll sink down emotionally, too.