Can i deposit a check at a different bank atm

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As far as cashing the check, differentbanks have different policies. Some charge a fee to cash acheck if you don't have an account, some won't let

How to Deposit Cash at an ATM
When you need to deposit cash or checks, your easiest option might be to use a deposit-enabled ATM. There’s no need to visit a branch or wait for the mail to get your checks to the bank. Some people don’t know that depositing funds atanATM is possible, while others are uncomfortable with.

Can You Deposit Cash at Any ATM? Top Banks’ Policies
See if you can deposit cash at any ATM. Compare processing times & fees. Find out which banks & credit unions let you deposit money atadifferent

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You can depositacheckat almost all ATMs, and you can get cash out, based on your account balance BEFORE you deposit the check, but if

Can you deposit a check at bank ATM
Can you use another banksATMdifferent from your bank to deposit money into achecking account if the symbols on the back match? yes you can withdraw money from any bankATM & view your balance as it features are limited The first answer does not answer the question.

Checking basics, Ch. 2: Making a deposit at an ATM
Depositing at your own bank’s ATM is actually pretty straightforward — insert your ATM card and follow the on-screen prompts just as you would with a withdrawal. There are no fees and no hassles. It’s when you step outside the cozy confines of your bank’s ATMs that it can get hazy.

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Online banks often let you depositchecks from your phone, but not all of them let you deposit cash atanATM or branch. Some require additional steps, such as first depositing the cash in a separate bank account and then creating an external transfer. We look at four ways to get your cash into your online.