Commander of the order of the british empire

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Commander is one ofthe five classes oftheOrderoftheBritishEmpire instituted by King George V on 4 June 1917. During World War I, the King recognised the need for a more widely conferred award of honour because ofthe many combatants and people on the home front assisting the.

A guide to the Order of the British Empire – Royal Central
CBECommanderoftheOrderoftheBritishEmpire, is the mid-rank oftheorder and is generally awarded for outstanding work in an individual’s respective field. The holder uses the letters CBE after their name, for example Mr John Smith CBE.

The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire -
The five classes of both civil and military divisions, listed in descending order and conferred on men and women equally, are Knight and Dame Grand Cross (GBE), Knight and Dame Commander (KBE and