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HoneyBooBoo's Uncle Makes Explosive Claim -- Dr. Phil - Duration: 3:33. The Dr. Phil Show 405,691 views.

Honey Boo Boo's 'Uncle Poodle' Lee Thompson Is Engaged...
Thompson, who has appeared on TLC's "HereComesHoneyBooBoo," explained to the Georgia Voice how his niece Alana, or "HoneyBooBoo," came up with the now-famous "Poodle" nickname in 2012. "We were at practice one day, getting ready for a pageant.

Sugar Bear & Uncle Poodle -- We're Getting Screwed... -
Sugar Bear and UnclePoodle say they're getting screwed over by the cancellation of "HereComesHoneyBooBoo," because they haven't been paid a cent for an entire season that's in the can but we're told their payday is imminent. Sources connected with the show tell us Sugar Bear is bitter.

Honey Boo Boo's Uncle Poodle Reveals He's HIV Positive - E! News
Jodie Foster calls out HoneyBooBoo. "On March 16, 2012, I tested negative," he said. "Then, in May of 2012 my test results came back positive. I knew it had been my boyfriend who infected me. I later learned he had been HIV positive and was not taking medication and had not bothered to tell me.

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"HereComesHoneyBooBoo" star Alana Thompson with her UnclePoodle, a recurring character on the TLC show.

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Back in October of 2014, HereComesHoneyBooBoo was canceled by TLC after the world learned that June Shannon was dating the man convicted

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so one time mama june tweeted honeybooboos gay uncles snapchat name and so i decided to snapchat him and then he told me i was cute and we kept snapchatting and it was a dream come true because i love the booboos and then i ran out of things to say so i told him that i liked his eyes.

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo's Uncle Poodle Is Engaged
HereComesHoneyBooBoo star Lee "UnclePoodle" Thompson revealed on Facebook and Twitter he's engaged to his boyfriend Alan.

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UnclePoodle may be happily wagging his tail soon. The reality star, whose real name is Lee Thompson and who appeared on TLC's "HereComesHoney

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HereComesHoneyBooBoo co-star Lee Thompson -- aka "UnclePoodle" -- revealed that he is HIV positive in a recent interview with Atlanta-based gay magazine Fenuxe. Thompson -- uncle to Alana Thompson (aka "HoneyBooBoo") and brother of her dad, Mike (aka "Sugar Bear") -- told Fenuxe.

Honey Boo Boo's HIV-positive uncle put ex-lover in jail
HoneyBooBoo's uncle is opening up about his HIV-positive status in an effort to educate the public. Putting his reality show-driven star power to use

'Honey Boo Boo' Uncle Poodle Reveals He is HIV Positive
"HereComesHoneyBooBoo" star Lee Thompson, affectionately nicknamed "UnclePoodle," recently revealed that he is HIV positive. The reality TV star, whose sexual orientation was allegedly the inspiration behind his unusual nickname, recently made the admission in an interview with Atlanta.

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Now the crew from HereComesHoneyBooBoo is facing some sad news, but something tells me the family is going to pull through it even stronger. Sugar Bear's brother and Alana Thompson's beloved UnclePoodle, Lee Thompson, has just announced that he is HIV positive. In an interview Poodle.

Honey Boo Boo's Uncle Poodle Reveals He's HIV-Positive
.of HereComesHoneyBooBoo's star Alana Thompson, has become something of an advocate for "queer rednecks" has just revealed that a recent HIV test came back

Honey Boo Boo Family Tree: Complete Break Down of Everyone
HereComesHoneyBooBoo became a reality hit for TLC based on the star power of Toddlers and Tiaras breakout star Alana "HoneyBooBoo" Thompson and her eccentric family, but the network recently cancelled the show in October after a child molestation scandal that involves multiple family.

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HereComesHoneyBooBoo co-star Lee Thompson, known as "UnclePoodle" on the show, has revealed he is HIV-positive. Thompson, the brother of Alana Thompson's dad, Mike (Sugar Bear), shared his status in an interview with the Atlanta-based gay magazine Fenuxe. "I was adamant about.

Honey Boo Boo's 'Uncle Poodle' Reveals He's HIV... - CafeMom
If you aren't familiar with the TLC show HereComesHoneyBooBoo, here's a quick primer on "UnclePoodle." His real name is Lee Thompson, he's the brother of "Sugar Bear," Alana Thompson's dad, and -- oh, and Alana Thompson is "HoneyBooBoo." There, we're all up to speed on the nicknames.

9 Justifications For Loving "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo"
Are you ready to defend your HoneyBooBoo viewing habits from the haters? Here's what you can tell 'em. Posted on July 16, 2013, 21:28 GMT.

'Honey Boo Boo's Uncle Poodle reveals that he is HIV positive
HoneyBooBoo star UnclePoodle reveals he pressed charges against ex-boyfriend.

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo's Uncle Poodle... - Celeb Dirty Laundry
HereComesHoneyBooBoo has taken the world by storm by introducing its own brand of dumpster shopping, road kill recipes and

Will Uncle Poodle Get Temporary Custody of Honey Boo Boo?
TMZ reports that UnclePoodle and his fiancé Alan are ready to file for temporary custody for HoneyBooBoo. Not only do they have the means to support the beauty queen, but the two plan to move into an apartment with an extra bedroom so they have enough space. Sources say UnclePoodle.

Lee ''Uncle Poodle'' Thompson, from here comes honey boo boo!
30 mins till HereComesHoneyBooBoocomes on TLC a 2 hr episode we r excited 2 and all the memories watch on TLC on 9pm #honeybooboo. 22 replies 8 retweets 198 likes.

McInboring - Here Comes Honey Boo Boo: The Lost Episodes
Summertime boredom hits, so Jessica gives Pumpkin a makeover. The family heads to the lake and catapults off "the Blob." June learns from Instagram that Pumpkin has been keeping a secret. When Pumpkin's ready, she comes out to the family at dinner.

'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' Uncle Poodle Engaged... : MStarsNews
The family of HereComesHoneyBooBoo has been going through a lot of changes within the last 24 hours. It looks as one relationship ended another one

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HoneyBooBoo's June Shannon didn't pay child support when her molested daughter Anna "Chickadee" Cardwell was taken away from her .

Uncle Poodle Saw Honey Boo Boo In Bed With Mama... - Popdust
UnclePoodle alleges he went on a weekend trip to a casino back in September with his partner, June, Alana and McDaniel, and that the five all stayed

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HoneyBooBoo Music Video Remix! ( отправлено 3 месяца назад автор CosmicCastoff. комментировать.

'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' Nominated For GLAAD Media Award...
UnclePoodle helps HoneyBooBoocome up with new routines for a pageant. Precocious Alana says in the episode that she embraces her gay uncle

The Tao Of Uncle Poodle: Honey Boo... - Towleroad Gay News
TLC reality show HereComesHoneyBooBoo is having far more pro-gay cultural impact than most people anticipated.

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'HoneyBooBoo' star UnclePoodle tells us he and fiance Alan will be rushing to a. A reality TV show featuring the life of Toddlers

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In September 2012, HereComesHoneyBooBoo was renewed for a second season. [7] The second season debuted July 17, 2013, and concluded on September 11, 2013. The second season featured preparations for the wedding /"commitment ceremony" of June Shannon and Mike Thompson.

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HereComesHoneyBooBoo star, Lee "UnclePoodle" Thompson, the rumored leak behind TLC scandal, has dropped yet another bombshell revelation following the cancellation of the beloved TV show. Poodle claims that while he was on vacation with June, Alana and McDaniel, who Lee was led.

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Spin-Off? Uncle Poodle Agrees On...
Some fans are hoping that herecomesHoneyBooBoo will be back on the boob tube, with a petition now in line. A petition has been made by some fans of the

'Honey Boo Boo': Sugar Bear Collapses, Uncle Poodle Ready to File...
However, TMZ claims that UnclePoodle and his fiance are looking into filing for temporary custody. The two men apparently are financially stable and can care for Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Season 4
HoneyBooBoo and the family get in the Christmas spirit as they gear up for their annual Christmas display and charity drive. Penny-pinching June takes the family to the flea market to find Christmas deals and also teaches them the joy of re-gifting. TV-PGSubtitles and Closed Captions Language.

Honey Boo Boo's Uncle Poodle Plans to Wed Boyfriend
HereComesHoneyBooBoo star Lee Thompson, AKA UnclePoodle, has announced that he plans on marrying his fiance Alan as early as next week! Poodle uploaded a rainbow-hued photo of him and Alan to his Instagram account to celebrate the ruling, along with a declaration of his intentions.

"Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" It Is What It Is (TV Episode...) - IMDb
UnclePoodlecomes to help Alana prepare for a new pageant, and Sugar Bear presents a surprise for Alana during the competition.

<em>Honey Boo Boo</em>'s Uncle Poodle: Mama... -
HoneyBooBoo's UnclePoodle: Mama June Is Lying About Her Relationship with a Registered Sex Offender.

OMILJENA MALA MISICA / Obožavatelji Honey Boo Boo, veselite se...
HoneyBooBoo i Mama June i danas dobro zarađuju. June ima svoj reality "From Not To Hot", u kojem se ponekad pojavljuje i Alana. Ona je trenutno natjecateljica u još jednom američkom nakaradnom showu - Plesu sa zvijezdama: Dječje izdanje. Naravno da postoji i naravno da je HoneyBooBoo.

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Earlier this week investigative reporter Todd Heywood raised questions about HereComesHoneyBooBoo cast member Lee Thompson (known on the show as UnclePoodle), who claims to have had a former boyfriend sent to prison for five years for infecting him with HIV.

"Everybody's a Little Gay": <em>Here Comes Honey Boo Boo</em...
On last night's HereComesHoneyBooBoo season finale, 17-year-old Anna gave birth to her daughter Kaitlyn.

'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo': Mama June Goes... - IBTimes India
HoneyBoo BooFacebook/Screenshot. "HereComesHoneyBooBoo" stars Mama June Shannon and gang, including Alana, Lauryn and the newly engaged Lee "UnclePoodle" Thompson were spotted house hunting in Hampton, Georgia, just a few days after Mama June announced her split from.

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo - A Very Boo Halloween
UnclePoodlecomes over to carve pumpkins with the kids and the day ends with everyone having a pumpkin fight. Poor baby Kaitlyn is caught in the

'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo\' update: Chickadee speaks up about...
HoneyBooBoo's family is embroiled in more controversies after TLC decided to pull the plug from their show due to her Mama June's dating scandal.

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Instantly find any HereComesHoneyBooBoo, Specials full episode available from all 1 seasons with videos, reviews, news and more!

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo
HoneyBooBoo is completely over Dr. Drew, being on television and even having fans. Acting her age during a recent interview, the 7-year-old star of