How big is the largest gummy bear

Big Gummy Bears are 18 times larger than regular gummi bears
* At 18 times the size of a regular gummybear, BigGummyBearsarethe perfect size for snacking. Available in 6-packs OF varying flavors, they're also perfect for party trays, sharing, or extreme

World's Largest Gummi Bears!™ and Giant Gummy Bears - The...
The World's LargestGummyBear! The one and only ORIGINAL World’s LargestGummyBear is a whopping 51 servings of mouthwatering sweetness. At over 1,000 times the size of an average gummybear, The World’s LargestGummyBear takes gummy deliciousness to a whole new level!

World's Largest Gummy Bear -
•The World's LargestGummyBears!™ are over 1,000 times larger than a regular gummybear! •These giant gummybears have a whopping 12,600 calories! •Over 90 servings per bear. •BIGGER than a FOOTBALL! •He is truly the "World's largest edible gummybear made for retail distribution.

What is the Largest Gummy Bear in the world
Grizzly bears (Kodiak), yet Polar bears are longer and slimmer. Weight records may vary. the russian brown bear from the kamchatka peninsula isthe worlds largestbear. weighing in at a hefty 2000lbs for adult males.