How to charge ipod 5 without charger

5 Ways to charge iPhone without a charger. Alternative ways to...
Howtocharge your iPhone without a charger. It is not a surprise for everyone that Apple is one of the most famous successful mobile producer in the world.

5 Ways to Charge An iPhone Without A Charger- dr.fone
This article aims to describe howtocharge an iPhone without a charger in five useful ways. When iPhone runs out of battery, it is usually charged using a charging adapter and a lightning cable. The cable is fixed into the adapter which is plugged into the wall and then connected to the iPhone.

Can you charge a iPod 5 without a chrarger
How do you charge a ipod touch withoutcharger? You can connect your iPod into a USB port, and let the computer charge the ipod for you. You can also use an old charger laying around if the output of the charger is 5.0 V…olts and 1000 mili-Amps (1 Amp). Of course the charger would have to be.