How to connect home theater with tv

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We show you HowtoConnect a HomeTheater to a TV. We also show howto hook up surround sound to a TV so you can listen to TV sound through hometheater syst.

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I have a hometheater, but I would hear my Xbox to the fullest, and I was wondering howto make my hometheater speakers are used as the tv, I

how to connect lg led tv with home theater [Solved] - Home Theatre...
in my LG 32lb551a i can't connecthometheater .there is only one pin slot which write there service only.what is the use of this.& how can i connect external speakers to my tv. plz reply fast.

How to connect led tv to home theater [Solved] - HDTV - Streaming...
Hello, I have Samsung LED TV 5-series but I am not happy with its sound quality. I have videocon D2H HD connection, even after no improvement in sound quality. I want toconnecthometheater to the T.

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hometheater system consists of an AV receiver connected to the speakers and TV. Additionally go DVD and Blu-Ray players, and VCRs. All components connected to the receiver, which controls equipment and provides power speakers. a separate cable is required toconnect your TV.