How to find mass flow rate of water

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.Compare the calculated massflowrateof the steam injected by the humidifier with the value If you want to design an irrigation system using a gravity flowwater supply, this article will tell you howtofind out how much water you will have available Federal regulations now mandate lower shower flow.

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Howto Calculate IV RateofFlow. Dispensing of intravenous fluid often calls for a precise rateofflow. The intravenous regimen is set up with a bag of solution, a drip chamber and a hollow needle that connects to the vein. The amount of drip that enters the chamber per minute regulates the flow.

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How do I use these givens tofind the massflowrates for the ocean water and also the ammonia? I do not have exact numbers to give, but I think if you just make some up it will work, as I am just really trying to understand how this is all calculated. I think tofindmassflowrate the equation is work.