How to read a forklift capacity plate

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Many forklift accidents are a result of the truck tipping due to excessive weight, yet basic understanding of how to read the weight requirements could prevent injury.

How to calculate the capacity of a forklift

Each forklift will be rated at a certain capacity. The average sit-down model forklift will safely lift and carry 1814 Kilogram.

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Warning. All forklift operators should be trained in how to read a data plate and have a clear understand of the proper methods before being authorized to operate the forklift.

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To ensure safe usage of your forklifts, it is necessary to have employees read the data plate thoroughly during training and before use.

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Employers should train forklift operators, maintenance personnel, and other relevant staff how to read, analyze, and interpret the data on the

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Handle loads within the capacity of the truck as stated on the data plate. This is an indication that the forklift is overloaded.

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You can trust the lift truck capacity calculator for information about how to obtain a forklift data plate because it was developed by engineers with many years of hands-on experience in providing forklift capacity ratings for some of the world's largest forklift manufacturers.

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Read the questions below to get a better idea of how we can help determine your capacity needs. Understanding capacity limits.

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To know how to inspect, operate, and fuel the vehicle correctly, operators must read and

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7. Train operators to use the load capacity plate other than assuming the forklifts load capacity.

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If the data plate on a forklift says its rated capacity is 10,000 lbs, that doesn't necessarily mean you can lift any load weighing less than 10,000 lbs.


18. Carrying the load > Know how to read load capacity data plates, which detail the load each forklift can safely lift at different mast orientations, or when fitted with an attachment. >


LOAD RATING CHART: Load chart/data plate is where the de-rated lifting capacity of the forklift can be located.

How do I calculate the capacity of a Forklift?

Consult the data plate attached to the forklift to determine the standard load capacity available.

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The load carrying capacity of a forklift is indicated on the capacity data plate or name plate and should be found affixed to the forklift in a prominent location in view of the operator. OSHA safety regulations state that a forklift must have a legible capacity plate.

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The stated capacity of a forklift only applies to the load center indicated on the data plate. If the load is not centered at the specified position, the forklift's capacity will be reduced. Loads come in all shapes and sizes, not just symmetrical boxes.

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Determine Weight Capacity. How much weight is the forklift required to lift and carry?

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How Forklifts Work. February 15, 2013 by Kevin Redel Leave a Comment. A forklift is a useful and powerful piece of machinery that allows one worker to lift and move heavy loads.

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Tire Sizes Forklift. Bkt Pros How To Read The Tire Id Card. 10 Awesome Tire Size Parison Chart Trutecsuspension.

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In addition lift capacity decreases logarithmically with height and length. The larger a load and the higher it goes, the lower the available capacity.

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Every forklift could be appraised at a certain limit. The normal sit-down model forklift will safely lift and convey 4,000 pounds. You can confirm the standard limit by testing the information plate located on the forklift.

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How to Operate a Forklift: Pre-Operation, Traveling and Maneuvering, and Load Handling.

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How a Forklift Works. Driving a Forklift: Different than Driving a Car. In a car or truck, the front wheels steer the vehicle.

Determining Your Forklift Carrying Capacity

All forklifts are required by law to have clearly legible data plates attached to them listing their carrying capacity. At the very least, the plates should include information about the mast height, the load center, and the lifting capacity using forks alone.

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1- Plant walk around to identify forklift hazards in the work place 2- Cover legislation and right to refuse unsafe work, and how to identify it 3

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You should never attempt to lift more than the rated capacity, which on this plate is 5,000 lbs.

How do I calculate the capacity of a Forklift?

Consult the data plate attached to the forklift to determine the standard load capacity available. Each model of forklift will be rated to a certain capacity; the average sit-down model can safely transport 4000lbs. The data plat is the resource for all calculations regarding lift capacities and...

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Show just the results for Fork Lift Capacity Plate.

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Learn how to avoid a forklift tip over and how to respond to one properly if a tip over occurs to help avoid injury or death.

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The limit of a forklift means how much weight it can lift securely. The limit differs, relying on components for example the size and focal point of gravity of.

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Forklift Load Capacity Load Capacity The plate will give you information concerning the load capacity of the truck in pounds and the load center in inches.

De-rating Forklift Truck Capacity

The capacity rating plate on the forklift truck must be corrected when attachments are installed.

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Safely operating a powered industrial truck, or forklift, requires the driver to be cognizant of the how much weight is loaded on the forks.


Supervisors and managers must be aware of how a forklift is operated, and the hazards involved. Please take the time to read and understand this information, and then take a look at your forklift operations.

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The data plate is like the material safety data sheet (MSDS) of the materials operator is handling.

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Load charts, identification plates, and load capacity plates: Whatever you call them, they are the least looked at and least understood item on a forklift.

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How a Forklift Works. Failure to wear a seat belt can result in the operator being thrown outside the protective cage in the event of an overturn.

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Battery forklift have replaced conventional forklift (i.e., internal-combustion engine type) as measures for the increasing demand on clean


How a Forklift Works. Driving a forklift is different than driving a car. In a car or truck the front wheels steer the vehicle.

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How Forklifts Safely Carry and Lift Heavy Loads. Forklifts have a capacity plate to tell the user what loads are safe.

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I would like to know how to calculate the rated capacity of a forklift at different height?

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How to calculate load-lift for a forklift Overloading a forklift can result in an extremely dangerous situation.

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Forklift Stability Stability zone Centre of gravity Load centre Load capacity plate Weight ratios Weight terminology De-rating. Attachments Mast Fork arm attachments Forks Raising people Work platforms Gas cylinder.


How a Forklift Works. Driving a forklift is different than driving a car. In a car or truck the front wheels steer the vehicle.

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More serious is the permanent loss of capacity resulting from repeatedly leaving acid in the plates.


How a Forklift Works. Driving a forklift is different than driving a car. In a car or truck the front wheels steer the vehicle.

Finding the Forklift Capacity

If you want to check the load capacity of a forklift, you should... (A) Read the danger, warning, and caution labels.

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How should you prepare the work area for using a forklift truck for loading/unloading operation?

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Forklift capacity is measured in tons and lbs. Generally there is some rounding up, eg a 2.5 tons forklift will often be rated to lift 2.42 tones.

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Forklift hydraulic lift capacity versus rated capacity in Australia The graph below shows the various capacities of a current small forklift.

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It should not be viewed as a definitive guide to the law and should be read in conjunction with the Occupational Health

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51 .. The load rating charts location on the machine, and how it compares to nominal Apr 1, 2007 - Using the example and capacity plate above, a forklift

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2-How high do you need to lift? Forklifts generally come with 2 and 3 stage (occasionally 4 stage)masts. The higher you lift, the less you can lift to that maximum height. Your forklift will come with a capacity rating plate on it which tells you the maximum weight you can lift to various heights.

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Raised side plates prevent the forklift from driving off the side. The tread plate decking is fully gusseted underneath to eliminate fatigue.


1. Develop a forklift/powered lift truck safety written program and revise it as necessary 2. Ensure that training is provided to all forklift operators as requested by their campus.

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Note: The lifting capacity of the forklift decreases as its load is raised. Many people may wonder why some of these differences matter. One would think the only important aspect of a forklift mast is how high it can lift.

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When purchasing a forklift, it is essential to determine how the machine will conform to your needs.

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After reading through this information, you should be well prepared to take the course head on and be the star of your class!

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Capacity of Industrial Forklifts, capacity plates (reading & understanding). Specific hazards & controls when driving an Industrial Forklift. How to respond to an emergency situation involving an Industrial Forklift Truck.


Learning how to operate a forklift safely can help to prevent accidental injuries and possible death.

Need help calculating your forklift load sizes?

Does your forklift load go more than a metre high? If it does you may need to check your capacity plate.

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Lifting. Do not exceed the lift capacity of the forklift; read the lift capacity plate on the forklift if you are unsure. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines concerning changes in the lift capacity before adding an attachment to a forklift.