How to stop cotton fabric from fraying

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Howto Keep Chiffon FromFraying. Chiffon is lightweight plain-woven fabric made from cotton, silk or a synthetic fiber. Chiffon is most commonly

How to stop chiffon fabric from fraying
Chiffon fabric is popular for formal dresses such as wedding gowns, party dresses and prom dresses. It is made from cotton, synthetic or silk fibres. The fabric is woven to create a light, sheer stretchy fabric that is durable and versatile. Chiffon frays easily. To prevent this, sew french seams on finished items.

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Woven fabrics such as cotton are likely to fray on the edges if left untreated if they're not hemmed. The most common way to prevent fraying is to sew the edge; however, if you do not own a sewing machine, several different methods will stop the fabricfromfraying.