If i run away what will happen

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I want to runaway, but whatwouldhappenifI was to get pregnant and have the baby before 18? Would the hospital turn me into the police? Also, whatwouldhappen to me, and to whom ever would be hidding meifI was caught?

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Is runningaway illegal? How old do I have to be before I leave home? What is emancipation? We can address these legal questions and more about runaway and homeless

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I have 5 months left on misdemeanor probation for a simple battery charge they're trying to put me back in jail I'm scared to death and want to runawaywhatwillhappenifi do and will it ever just disappear or go away completely?

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Iranaway once and I was 17 and had about 900 bucks in my pocket. I still failed miserably and I didn’t even leave the country. There is a scale here.

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Iranaway when all the plans in my head didn’t feel right, and yet I couldn’t grasp what my heart wants. I was told that this is a typical millennial’s self-induced problem.

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Don't runaway solely to gauge the reactions of your family. Runningaway is not something to be taken lightly - you can easily get into unsafe situations, and potentially end up dead or permanently traumatized, which really isn't worth just trying to see if your family would miss you. If you're struggling.