Is eating hot chillies bad for you

Is it good for my health to eat a lot of spicy green chillies every day?
Excessive eating of green chillies causes: 1. skin irritation 2. stomach pain 3.acidity But every coin has two faces. Eating green chillies in limit(2-4 in a day) is good

Why hot chillies might be good for us - BBC News
Every round the chillies got hotter and both of us soon dropped out. Had we been able to tolerate biting into some really hotchillies, it's possible we would

Chilli FAQ's - Which are hotter dried or fresh chillies?
Iseating chilli badforyou? There is no evidence that eating too much chilli is unhealthy in anyway. Chillies are packed with vitamin C (higher than Oranges) and are extremely high in Vitimin A when dried.

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