The distance between the planets and the sun

Distances Between the Planets of the Solar System • The Planets
Thedistancesbetweenplanets will vary depending on where each planet is in its orbit around theSun. Sometimes thedistances will be closer and other times they will be farther away.

Is the distance between a planet and the sun changing
Thedistancebetweenthesun and a planet determines its orbital period, its orbital speed, andthe amount of insolation. Other factors such as composition and albedo are requ…ired to determine other variables. How does the time for planet to orbit thesun change with its distance from thesun?

Distances Between the Planets in Our Solar System -
Thedistancesbetween each planet in our solar system will vary depending on each orbit. No planet has a perfectly circular orbit around thesun

With the expansion of the universe, does the distance between the...
Yup, thedistancebetweensunandtheplanets increase but this is very small dist. Due to expansion many a lot things are moving away from each other. Some of these distances are even noticible easily. But as for our sunandtheplanets its very small to be easily noticible.