What is the main cause of chemical weathering

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Whatarethemaincausesof mechanical weathering? Freezing weather, dramatic changes in temperature, the roots of trees or plants searching for nutrients in the ground therefore breaking it apart, etc.

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I assume that you mean to ask about degradation ofchemicals by sun and air in outdoor locations. If not, please, reply. The objects that weather most observably are metals and organic

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Physical weathering, also called mechanical weathering or disaggregation, isthe class of processes that causes the disintegration of rocks without chemical change.

What is Chemical Weathering? (with pictures)
Chemicalweathering is a process that occurs when water, air, or acids result in chemical changes to the minerals within rocks. These changes cause the rocks to dissolve or change into new elements. Unlike mechanical weathering, chemicalweathering can change the makeup of the weathered rocks.

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WhatisChemicalWeathering? Chemicalweathering pertains to the changes in rock structure under the action or influence ofchemical reactions. There are hundreds of natural chemical processes and reactions within the rocks the change the composition and the structure of the rocks over time.

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Chemicalweathering is one type of weathering and it is caused by chemical reactions. Learn four examples ofchemicalweathering that affects rocks.

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Chemicalweatheringisthe process by which a material breaks down into its component elements through the action of a chemical agent. This type of weathering requires precise temperature conditions and the presence of a chemically-laden fluid. Substances capable of causingchemical.

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Chemicalweatheringisthe disintegration of rock caused by chemical alteration of the mineral structure. According to Tulane University, themaincauseofchemicalweatheringisthe presence of weak acids in water coming in contact with rock.