What side was kansas on in the civil war

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The two sides that fought intheCivilWarwere the North (Union) and the South (Confederacy). The North was fighting to unite the country again and to end slavery.

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We almost became like Virginia, who was split into Virginia and West Virginia, all because of one third, the third I live in, was pro-Union, pro-Abolition, and did not like going to war and die in that war when wealthy plantation owners could actually opt out of it.

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CivilWar soldiers' fare varied substantially from army to army and throughout the course of the war for both sides. For the most part, neither side ate particularly

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In many respects, Kansas—and the question of whether slavery, legal in neighboring Missouri, would be allowed to spread to the territory—was the central

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There were numerous reason behind why each side's soldiers fought for one side or the other. The North and its troops originally fought because they felt

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While the two sides that made up the American CivilWarwere apart in many areas, it became worse when the perception inthe South was that

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If you lived in Kansas, theCivilWar began for you in 1855. This is when pro-slavery "border ruffians" poured into Kansas to attempt to establish that territory as a slave state.

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Passed by Congress in 1854, the Kansas-Nebraska Act has been called the most momentous piece of legislation inthe United States before the American CivilWar.