What test fishing line should i use

What Fishing Line Strength Should I Use
The fishingline strength or Lb. test is a measurement of how much stress can be placed on a fishingline before if breaks. So how does one determine the exact strength of a fishingline to use? This article will guide you through the thought process that you should go through before you head out to.

How To: What Fishing Line Should I Use For SOCAL Yellowtail?
What Lb Test Monofilament FishingLineShouldIUse For Yellowtail? We recommend using 20-30 Lb monofilament when targeting yellowtail. If you are using live bait using the "Fly lining" technique we recommend going on the lighter side of that range to let your bait swim more freely and naturally with.

Which Fishing Line Should I Use? - Last Light Fishing
What Pound TestShouldIUse? Fishingline is rated by how much force can be applied to the line without it breaking. Some people tend to think that 12 lb. test, for example, is the line strength needed to catch a 12 lb. fish. This isn’t necessarily the case. The rod and reel have a lot to do with how much.

What Fishing Line Should I Use?
There is a rule of thumb that I go by when deciding what line works best for me with what lures. This might just give you an idea of where to start when deciding what to use.

What fishing reel should you use with 20-30 lb test line
ShouldIuse braided fishingline or mono I mainly fish senkos Texas rigged? It comes down to personal preference. I prefer braid as there is nostretch in the line, it is more abrasion resistant and is generallythinner than mono allowing you to cast further and spool more lineon the rod.