When does child support end in va

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Does your childsupportend if your child has a child? I wouldn't think so, if your child is under 18. No, the matter of a minor having a child of their own

When does child support end? Family Law in BC
What about children who are 19 or over and still in school? Parents of children attending university, college, or another type of post-secondary institution must often continue to pay child

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In Florida, childsupportends with the child turns 18 or graduates from high school, whichever comes later. At that time, it is not automatic, you do need to get a .

Child Support: When Does It Ever End? - Dads Divorce
Childsupportendswhen the child completes the program, or twenty-one, whichever first occurs. However, the minor child now also has several obligations for said childsupport to continue.