Where can i buy a monkey in canada

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Pet monkeys can be purchased from breeders and special primate stores. Most breeders will offer pictures of the monkeys they have available for purchase online. Monkeys are not sold in pet stores because most areas require a special permit.

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Although keeping monkeys as pets is popular, it is not recommended. The level of care required for most monkeys is too high for many people to manage, and the wild animals suffer greatly if they are not given the right type of environment in which to thrive.

Where can you buy a monkey
Wherecan you buy finger monkeys? Before considering buyinga finger monkey, you should research whether they are legal in your area. They are also expensive to buy and care for, and have very specific dietary… needs. If you decide to proceed, you should research potential breeders very.

Where can I buy a marmoset monkey in the UK?
These monkeys are not supposed to be kept in captivity other then zoos (which they arent even SUPPOSED to be kept it) Looking after these mammals is VERY challenging and it would be cruel and inhumane to try and do so. Maybe stick to a cat.

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Immigrating to Canada may be a hard and arduous process, unless you have money. Although it has many advantages over the US, like universal healthcare, excellent schools, and a functioning democracy, there may be other options for people interested in buyinga citizenship.

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Wherecanibuyamonkey The KGB Agent answer: You can order amonkey from primatestore.com. Before buyinga primate, make sure it's legal to keep primates where you live!

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