Where do animals go when they die

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sometimes i wonder where most animals go to wen they die ,are they conscious of their deeds or they are been manipulated to act the way they do..for example if a lion sees a man in the forest it will

Where do people and animals go when they die

Where do animals go after they die? ALL living things, both animal and vegetable eventually die and decompose,returning valuable nutrients

Where do people go when they die?

Sometimes when animals get hit by cars, their bodies are lying in the street or next to the street. When people die, sometimes the ambulance takes them to a special hospital to find out why they died.

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Answer to a question asking where animals go when they die.

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Where do birds go when they die?

Generally, animals sense when they are not doing well, and seek out well-concealed, off-the-beaten-path locations to hide and convalesce.

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We simply believe they 'disappear' or turn to dust 'decompose' when they die.

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I get a lot of questions from my readers about where animals go when they die. I decided this was a good time to talk about it as it is so obviously on my mind right now. When I first started out as a professional intuitive...

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i think ive heard that the Bible says animals came from the ground so they shall return to the ground, so it kinda means they have no soul kinda like plants and when they die they go back into the ground from where they came.

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But for the majority of human history, we had no idea what the far side looked like." Where Satellites Go When They Die "On Tuesday a DirecTV satellite was launched into geosynchronous orbit from a platform in the Pacific Ocean."

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Birds don't usually drop dead in mid-flight - they die in their nest or are caught and eaten, much like other small animals. Read more

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What's most alarming is how fast Porcine epidemic diarrhea, or PED, takes hold. "I mean you can go in and see a house that looks completely normal, running around, feeding everything.

Where do we go when we die?

- When the bodies of people and animals stop working and they die, there are so many big questions about what happens next.

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but animals are wearing physical suits to exist here and are tethered to them while here just like we are.

Do Dogs Go to Heaven?Where Do Dogs Go when they Die?

2 which place is called holy place? 2.1 where do dogs go when they die?

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Tuesday, April 19, 2016. Where Do Pets Go When They Die? Mailbag time!

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The topic of animals and pets going to heaven received extra attention when Pope Francis was mistakenly quoted as saying, "Paradise is open to all God's creatures."

What Happens to Animals When They Die?

Where I live, in India, we have many strays who coexist with us. They are a part of life and there are many animal lovers who tend to them.

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Download the MP3 audio version of this story here. The Explainer now has its own free daily podcast; click here to learn more. Veterinarians at the National Zoo put down two animals this week: an arthritic, 40-year-old elephant named Toni and a 13-year ... This news has been published by title Where Do...

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Where do people go when they die? (2015) - Duration: 58:33. truthrabbit 182,108 views.

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When your pet dies, you have only a few legal options for disposing of the body. If you own the land you live on, you can bury the animal in your yard, as long as it doesn't create a "nuisance," and the body is demonstrably disease-free, and the plot is sufficiently far away from a water supply. If you're a...

ELI5: Where do animals in the wild, such as birds, go to die?

There are many animals that will eat other dead animals. Especially in the summer this process goes incredibly quickly. Where I live, we have

Where Do Babies Go if they Die? Do They Go To Heaven or Hell?

25 Inspirational Bible Verses About Children. Do Animals or Pets Go To Heaven? 15 Comforting Bible Verses For Funerals.

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It got me thinking: where do wild animals go when they get old?

Where do birds go when they die?

Generally, animals sense when they are not doing well, and seek out well-concealed, off-the-beaten-path locations to hide and convalesce.

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You and your vet can make the choice that feels right for you and your pet. So, where do cats go when they die? Your thoughts about where your beloved cat will go once they leave this earth are yours alone! They may depend on your religious beliefs, your feelings about animals in general...

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By simply considering this fact we can jump on to the conclusion about the question where do dogs go when they die?

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When rats die, they go to rat heaven or rat hell. The terminal stations in human afterlives do not have physical locations but do have common physical associations; in the rat afterlife, these associations are both based in reality and inverted.

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Well son/daughter, their decomposing carcasses bloat up, sink to the deep, dark ocean floor, where other animals rip away their flesh and consume their bones*.

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When he died, the beggar went to a place called Abraham's bosom, where he was comforted by the patriarch Abraham and other Old Testament saints. When the rich man died he went to hell, or Hades.

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When he said this, I went into a vision and saw Father God inside of him physically. The air changed around him maybe like 30 feet around him into a white presence. It was like Abba Father personally wanted to tell me not to kill animals.

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[@383281,Jackaloftheazuresand] That source says no where that animals don't go to heaven, nor that they don't have souls though.

Where Do Cats Go When They Die?

There is much debate within the three major Abrahamic religions (Islam, Judaism and Christianity) about whether or not animals, including cats, go to heaven after death.

Your Pets And Death Where Do Pets Go Upon Death

So what happens to our pets when they die and where do they go?

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Do Animals Go To Heaven? - Life With Dogs I Just Want To Say, This Was Beautifully Thought Out And Written.

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I studied ethology in college; there are many higher-order animals which understand death and have an understanding it is coming, both in themselves when they are dying and in others.

Where do we go when we die?

Others have their own idea of where they will go when they die.

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But are animals able to understand that they are going to die themselves? That is a different, more existential question.

The Pest Advice: Where Do Rats and Mice Go to Die?

I am often asked by worried enquirers "where will the rats and mice killed with poisons go to die?"

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ph 2 - The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement. There is a very special place where beloved pets go after they die. ... Dogs and cats play with each other like youngsters, and they do not have time to feel lonely ...

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Noble found that certain animals' cells, post-mortem, remained viable for weeks. The research suggests a "step-wise shutdown," by which parts of us die gradually, at different

Do Animals Know They Are Dying?

When your animal seems to be trying to tell you it is time to let go, do your best to trust your impressions.

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I think its obvious animals know when they're in danger but i'm not sure if it knows that their life is at stake.

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In essence, even if it's unknown if animals do commit suicide, it is a worthy debate, because it could upset the very notion that humans are superior to animals when it comes to cognition, insight

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Download epub free Where Do Animals Go?: A parent's tool on how to answer the age old question, "Where do animals go when they die?" PDB.

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Animals can sense the tiny P-wave that comes before the S-wave much better than humans can, so when they do, they know it's time to run.

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Animals die, it's what all animals do, and cutting their life just a little bit short is not going to make a difference in the long run.

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When drug are tested on animals only one in eight thousand reach the drugstore shelves and are approved by the Food and Drug

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He claimed to know of the existence of a mysterious country called Sugar candy Mountain, to which all animals went when they died.

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Animals that Hibernate When you think of an animal hibernating you probably think about a bear, but did you know that other animals hibernate too?

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They also care for these animals when they are sick. in the wild, there is no care.

How do animals learn in the wild?

Further evidence of this is seen when animals previously held in captivity are introduced into a

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Death rides a horse with a gun and a smoke, gun slinging gringo dirt and blood soaked. Fast on the draw and faster to die.

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Love it and so I think we are where there's going to be around steam out of your answer that is

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Posted on 04/04/2010 2:22:21 PM PDT by stillafreemind. A lot of people get rid of their animals, whether or not they are friends, when they reach this very senior stage.

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Which animal did NOT attend the meeting that Old Major called to discuss his dream? Moses. What single commandment eventually replaced all other commandments?


This Woman Was Sure Her Sheep Was Going To Die, But She Was Stunned By What She Saw In The Straw.

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Go back to hell- go back to hell To the sight of mystic light you've seen before Go back to hell- go back to hell Where the dead are always knocking at your door.

To ask how to approach this in an age appropriate way?

Just that people/plants/animals die when they get old or their body can't "cope" anymore.

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Where do dogs go when they die? It's a valid question and people often ponder do animals go to heaven according to the Bible. Obviously, Heaven is going to be a wondrous place but we build such a bond with our loved furry family members that we want to know can animals go to Heaven?

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When the balance is lost the system falls apart. Food chains are destroyed, animals become extinct and land degradation sets in.

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Camels are famous because they can walk further across deserts than other kind o f animal. They can travel for days in places where temperatures are as high as 40

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